Custom Add-On Downloads

This page lists custom addons for Skyscraper that are hosted on this website. Click the links below to download a specific addon.

EG881 IP Build 15 (multiple buildings included)

BENO Skyscraper Buildings

Coalham Townhall

G1DP July 2016 (modified) --- or G1DP Official Website

Developer Folders:

EG881 Downloads

Skyscraper Simulator Showcase Downloads

M72 Downloads

TT Downloads

E1512 Downloads

All Downloads

Other pictures

Otis Series 1 fixture set demo

Out-of-service elevators

Working escalators in the Northeast Triad Convention Center

Service elevators in the Sky I building - Click here for a YouTube video of it

Service elevator interior in the Sky I building

Counterweights and cables on elevators (this picture is the NTCC building)

Triton Complex building

Service elevator (Eternity Plaza building)

Tennerland Complex

Tennerland Complex

Glass elevators in Eternity Plaza

Glass elevators and atrium in "Terrace V3 - Terrace Border V2" building - Click here for a YouTube video of it

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